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    R&S - CMD60
    Digital Radio Tester (DECT)

    Technical Specifications
     Electronic Test Instrument Information: R&S CMD60
    Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz(R&S) Rohde & Schwarz(R&S) CMD60
    Model: CMD60
    Category: Digital Radio Tester
    Rent & Sales: Complete Stock Available
    Download : R&S CMD60 Technical Specification
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    Description Of R&S CMD60

         Reliability, measurement speed and cost effectiveness are the characteristics a test equipment must have to succeed in the field of the widely used DECT communication devices. In a radiocommunication network such as DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) numerous cordless telephones and fixed stations have to share the scarce resources of frequency, time and space.This can only be done by observing stringent rules and specifications. On the other hand, the DECT system in particular and associated phones are expected to be low-cost units whose complexity and precision are limited. Given these conflicting requirements, it is measurement engineering which has to ensure that the specifications for smoothly working communication are met in spite of less sophisticated technology (compared with other digital cellular systems).The great experience gained with preceding DECT measurement instruments such as signal generators, analyzers, communication testers and DECT type-approval systems as well as cooperative development work with several key end-users have contributed towards creating a well-balanced tester for production and service according to all aspects.

    Feature Of R&S CMD60
  • For R&D, production and service
  • RF measurements based on ETSI Rec. CTR06
  • Comprehensive audio tests
  • Extremely fast measurements for high production throughput
  • Ergonomic user interface for service applications
  • Selfcontained, lightweight, compact tester
  • Can be retrofitted for GSM900, 1800 and 1900 measurements

  • Rent, Buy and Calibration Service for R&S CMD60
    Model/Options DescriptionRent Buy
    CMD60 R&S CMD60 Digital Radio Tester Price for CMD60
    CMD60-B1 OCXO ref oscillator Price for CMD60
    CMD60-B3 Pager encoder/signalling
    CMD60-B6 Modulation generator (Not available with Option 1EP)
    CMD60-B61 High stability timebase Price for CMD60
    CMD60-B62 Pulse modulation (HP 8648B/C/D only)
    CMD60-B81 AWGN generator
    CMD60-B82 Analog option Price for CMD60
    CMD60-B83 Meswsage monitor
    CMD60-B84 IS-136(D-AMPS) test capabilities
    CMD60-K61 Freq Extension Price for CMD60

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