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    R&S - CMD55
    Digital Radio Tester (DECT)

    Technical Specifications
     Electronic Test Instrument Information: R&S CMD55
    Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz(R&S) Rohde & Schwarz(R&S) CMD55
    Model: CMD55
    Category: Digital Radio Tester
    Rent & Sales: Complete Stock Available
    Download : R&S CMD55 Technical Specification

    Description Of R&S CMD55

         The CMD55 is capable of testing GSM1800 (formerly named PCN orDCS1800) and GSM1900 (formerly named PCS or DCS1900) mobile phones. Both models are favorably priced and combine small dimensions with high measurement accuracy and speed. The testers range of capabilities includes all signaling, generator and measurement functions required for verifying the correct operation of the DUT (Device Under Test). Thanks to its fast go/nogo tests and accurate analysis using optional extensions, CMD52 and CMD55 are equally well suited for R&D, production and high-end service and production. Based on the wide-range know-how of Rohde & Schwarz in digital radiocommunication testing, which not least was obtained in developing type-approval test systems such as the GSM900 and GSM1800 system simulators, both CMD models are top-grade testers for present and future measurement applications.

    Feature Of R&S CMD55
  • Mobile Phone Tester for all GSM bands (GSM900/1800/1900)
  • Cost-effective solution for production lines
  • Extremely fast IEEE-bus operation for high production throughput
  • Versatile measurements for R&D and TQM
  • High flexibility due to a various choice of parameter settings
  • Full dynamic power ramp measurements according to GSM Recs
  • Very fast spectrum due to modulation measurements with 5-pole filter prepared for measurements of DECT Fixed and Portable Parts (ETSI Rec. CTR06)

  • Rent, Buy and Calibration Service for R&S CMD55
    CMD55 R&S CMD55 Digital Radio Tester (DECT) Price for CMD55
    CMD55 - B19 Pcs Freq. Extension Price for CMD55
    CMD55 - B4 Cmd-b4 Fast Power Ramp
    CMD55 - B41 Audio Meas. With Freq Counter
    CMD55 - B42 Burst Analysis Price for CMD55
    CMD55 - B43 Mod. Spectrum Measurement
    CMD55 - B51 Speech Coder/decoder
    CMD55 - B6 Cmd-b6x Adapters Price for CMD55
    CMD55 - B61 IEEE-488
    CMD55 - B62 Memory Card Interface
    CMD55 - B9 Required For U18 Price for CMD55
    CMD55 - U18 GSM Modification
    CMD55 - U20 GSM Handover

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