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Anritsu Test & Measure Instruments: Rental and Sales in EZU
Anritsu MT8801C
Category: Radio Communication Analyzer

1 unit For GSM, IS-136A, PDC, PHS, IS-136 And IS-95 Systems; All Basic Transmission And Reception Measurements Performed By 1Unit; External Control: GPIB, Parallel Interface, RS-232C; Frequency Resolution: 1Hz; Batch Measurements Of Transmission Test Items In Only 1 Second; Maximum Input Level: +40 dBm (10 W, MAIN Connector); Power Meter Level Range: 0 to +40 dBm

[MT8801C Specification]
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Anritsu S331A
Category: Site Master

Accurate Return Loss/SWR Measurements; Built-In Distance-To-Fault; Accurately Tests RF Transmission Lines And Antennas; Immunity To Live Site RF Interference; Distance-To-Fault Windowing Functions; Optional Wattmeter; Synthesizer Accurate To 75ppm; Internal Memory Saves Up To 70 Traces; Direct Printing Via RS-232 Serial Port; Remote Operation Via RS-232 Serial Port.

[S331A Specification]
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Anritsu S331B
Category: Site Master (Cable/Antenna Analyzer)

Accurate Return Loss/SWR Measurements; Built-in Distance-to-fault; Accurately Tests RF Transmission Lines And Antennas; Immunity To Live Site RF Interference; Distance-to-fault Windowing Functions; Spectrum Analysis; Optional Wattmeter; Synthesizer Accurate To 75 ppm.

[S331B Specification]
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Anritsu MG3681A
Category: Signal Generator 250kHz to 3GHz, Digital Mod.

The Key Features of Anritsu MG3681Al are 250 kHz to 3 GHz Frequency range Broadband vector modulation (DC to 30 MHz) Excellent adjacent channel power characteristics (-68dBc/Ch at 5MHZ and -75dBc/Ch at 10MHz) High-resolution output level setting of 0.01 dB Generation of up-link.

[MG3681A Specification]
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Anritsu MS2667C
Category: Spectrum Analyzer (9 kHz to 30 GHz).

The MS2667C is a compact, lightweight, and low-price spectrum an-alyzer that covers a frequency range of 9 kHz to 30 GHz. It has su-perior basic performance, such as high C/N ratio, low distortion, and high frequency/level accuracies, and is easy to operate. A large se-lection of options is provided to handle a wide range of applications at reasonable cost.

[MS2667C Specification]
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Anritsu S331D
Category: Antenna Analyzer

The Anritsu S331D spectrum analyzer is a wide band, very sensitive receiver. It works on the principle of "super-heterodyne receiver" to convert higher frequencies (normally ranging up to several 10s of GHz) to measurable quantities. The received frequency spectrum is slowly swept through a range of pre-selected frequencies, converting the selected frequency to a measurable DC level (usually logarithmic scale), and displaying the same on the CRT of the Anritsu S331D. The CRT displays received signal strength (y-axis) against frequency ( x-axis).

[S331D Specification]
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Anritsu MT8852A
Category: Bluetooth Test Set

The MT8852A supports all three codec air interfaces (Łg-law, A-law and CVSD) on up to three SCO audio channels. It offers the most comprehensive testing facilities of any Bluetooth wireless technology enabled test set, including EDR transmitter testing. Rear-panel jack-plug connectors provide analog inputs and outputs for all three audio channels. MT8852A is ideal for design proving and production test of Bluetooth wireless technology enabled headsets, telephony products, audio gateways and audio-visual products.

[MT8852A Specification]
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