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    Anritsu S331D Site Master
    Antenna Analyzer

    Technical Specifications
     Electronic Test Instrument Information: S331D
    Manufacturer: Anritsu Anritsu S331D
    Model: S331D
    Category: Antenna Analyzer
    Rent & Sales: Complete Stock Available
    Download : Anritsu S331D Technical Specification

    Description Of Anritsu S331D
       Site Master S331D and S332D covering the 25 MHz to 4000 MHz are designed to accurately locate and identify RF cable feed-line and antenna system faults. These models are ideally suited for any experience level user in installing, commissioning, troubleshooting and maintaining today's wireless systems infrastructures including VHF, broadcasting, paging, cellular, PCS/GSM, 3G, ISM, WLAN and WLL applications.

    S331D measurement capability includes precision Return Loss/SWR, Cable Loss and Distance-To-Fault (DTF), and optional T1/E1 and power meter measurements. Patented RF interference rejection enables accurate, repeatable measurements in the presence of high RF activity. Data analysis software enables assessment of system trends, problems, and performance in addition to professional report generation.

    The S332D features spectrum analysis capability and optional power meter capability in addition to Return Loss/SWR, Cable Loss and Distance-To-Fault (DTF) measurements, allowing field engineers and technicians the ability to easily identify and solve RF system problems such as coverage, interference, and other path related signal problems. S332D spectrum analysis ranges from 100 kHz to 3 GHz with one button measurements - Field Strength, Occupied Bandwidth (OBW), Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR), Interference Analysis and Carrier-to-Interference ratio (C/I).

    The S331D/S332D models include data analysis software, soft carrying case, rechargeable/field-replaceable battery, AC/DC power supply, 12V automobile cigarette lighter adapter and users guide.

    Feature Of Anritsu S331D
  • Weighs less than 5 lbs. (including battery)
  • Built-in worldwide signal standards and frequency channels
  • TFT color daylight viewable color display
  • Superior Immunity to RF interference
  • Locate long range problems with 517 data points
  • Pop-up cable menus containing over 95 cable types
  • Multilingual User Interface;English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German
  • Intuitive and easy to use with On-Screen Test Set-Ups
  • Saves up to 25 Measurement Test Set-Ups - S331D (Cable and Antenna Analyzer: 10,
         Power Meter: 5, T1 Analyzer: 5, and E1 Analyzer: 5).
  • Saves up to 20 Measurement Test Set-Ups - S331D (Cable and Antenna Analyzer: 10,
         Spectrum Analyzer: 5, and Power Meter: 5)
  • Saves up to 300 Measurement Traces
  • Alphanumeric Labeling of Saved Measurements
  • Automatic Time and Date Stamp of Saved Data
  • Rechargeable, Field Replaceable Battery
  • Distance Measurement in Feet and Meters
  • Information Screens Provide Cable Attenuation and Velocity of Propagation values
  • 6 Markers, Limit Lines, and Segmented Limit Lines
  • RS232 Interface

  • Rent, Buy and Calibration Service for Anritsu S331D
    S331D Site Master Antenna Analyzer (25 MHz to 4000 MHz )
    Price for S331D
    S331D-01 Precision Calibration Components Price for S331D
    S331D-03 Colour LCD Display
    S331D-05 Broadband Power Meter (sensor dependant
    S331D-29 Power Meter - does not require external detector Price for S331D
    S331D-31 GPS Receiver
    S331D-50 T1/E1 Analyser

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