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    Anritsu S331A Site Master
    Antenna Analyzer (25MHz ~ 3300MHz)

    Technical Specifications
     Electronic Test Instrument Information: Anritsu S331A
    Manufacturer: Anritsu Anritsu S331A
    Model: S331A
    Category: Antenna Analyzer
    Rent & Sales: Complete Stock Available
    Download : Anritsu S331A Technical Specification

    Description Of Anritsu S331A

         Accurate Return Loss/SWR Measurements; Built-In Distance-To-Fault; Accurately Tests RF Transmission Lines And Antennas; Immunity To Live Site RF Interference; Distance-To-Fault Windowing Functions; Optional Wattmeter; Synthesizer Accurate To 75ppm; Internal Memory Saves Up To 70 Traces; Direct Printing Via RS-232 Serial Port; Remote Operation Via RS-232 Serial Port.

    Feature Of Anritsu S331A

    * Distance-To-Fault Measurements
    * Distance-to-fault windowing functions
    * Accurately Tests RF Transmission Lines and Antennas
    * Precision SWR and Return Loss
    * Immunity to Live Site RF Interference
    * Synthesizer Accurate to 75 ppm
    * Internal memory saves up to 70 traces
    * Direct printing via RS-232 serial port
    * Remote operation via RS-232 serial port
    * S331/S331A/S331B: 25 MHz to 3.3 GHz

    Specification Of Anritsu S331A
    Frequency Accuracy
    Frequency Range
    25 MHz - 3300 MHz
    Frequency Resolution
    100 kHz
    Output Power Range
    50 dB
    Output Resolution
    40 ms/point
    Sweep Range
    54 dB

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    S331A Anritsu S331A Cable/Antenna Analyzer (25MHz~3300MHz ) Price for S331A

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