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    Anritsu - MT8801C
    Radio Communication Analyzer (300kHz ~ 3GHz)

    Technical Specifications
     Electronic Test Instrument Information: Anritsu MT8801C
    Manufacturer: Anritsu Anritsu MT8801C
    Model: MT8801C
    Category: Radio Communication Analyzer
    Rent & Sales: Complete Stock Available
    Download : Anritsu MT8801C Technical Specification

    Description Of Anritsu MT8801C

         Wireless phones for nearly every wireless telephone system in the world can be tested using just one MT8801C Radio Communication Analyzer. These systems include IS-95 and CDMA2000 1X (all 10 band classes), AMPS, GSM, GPRS, HSCSD, IS-136, PDC, and PHS with the appropriate measurement software options. The frequency range covered is 300 kHz to 3 GHz. The optional spectrum analyzer function covers 10 MHz to 3 GHz and is very useful for measuring spurious near carrier as well as general-purpose troubleshooting. GPIB and RS-232C interfaces are standard, permitting incorporation in automated test systems. External Computer-aided Radio Communication Analysis (CRCA) software simplifies repeatable test sequences by external control of the tester over GP-IB. For CDMA2000 1X, external Protocol Monitor software records and analyzes protocol traffic between the tester and the phone under test, from the point of view of the base-station (as emulated by the tester). The CDMA2000 1X Wireless Internet Protocol (WIP) software option provides a pipe between 1X wireless Internet devices and external networks, including the Internet. The WIP option provides the most economical tool available for controlled and repeatable testing of wireless Internet phones and applications in their native over-the-air environment for all band classes.

    Feature Of Anritsu MT8801C

    * One unit For GSM, IS-136A, PDC, PHS, IS-136 And IS-95 Systems.
    * All Basic Transmission And Reception Measurements Performed By 1Unit.
    * Frequency Resolution: 1Hz
    * Maximum Input Level: +40 dBm (10 W, MAIN Connector)
    * Power Meter Level Range: 0 to +40 dBm .

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