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Advantest Test & Measure Instruments: Rental and Sales in EZU
Advantest R3465
Category: Modulation Spectrum Analyzer

For PHS, PDC and NADC Standards (GSM/DCS1800/DCS1900/DECT/CDMA Measurement Optional); Dual Mode Analysis: 1)Spectrum Analyzer Mode 2)Digital Transmission Tester Mode; Built-In Digital Modulation Analysis Function; Menu Operation: Automatically Set Standard Parameters,STD Mode and Measurement Function Keys; Compact,Lightweight(17kg), 6.5 Inch TET LCD; 2 Slots Memory Card Drive; High Performance Spectrum Analyzer Functions.

[R3465 Specification]
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Advantest R3765CH
Category: Network Analyzer 40 MHz to 3.8 GHz S-parameter

100dB Wide Dynamic Range; Three Models Available For All Types Of Application; High Sweep Speed.

[R3765CH Specification]
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Advantest D3186
Category: Pulse Pattern Generator 150 Mbps to 12.5 Gbps

The Advantest D3186 is a Pulse Pattern Generator. Generation Of SDH/SONET Frames Viryually Identical With Real Data,Equipped With 8-mbit Memory And 31-stage PRBS,Multi-channel Output Consisting Of 2 Data Output, 3 Clock Output And 7 Sub-rate Output,Variable Duty Cycle Of Data Output Waveform,Optimum Impedance Matching With 50ohm Output Impedance,Easy Detection Of Specific And Error-generating Patterns,Burst Signal Output Capability.

[D3186 Specification]
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Advantest D3286
Category: Error Detector 150 Mbps to 12.5 Gbps

The Advantest D3286 is a Error Detector ,The Features is SDH/SONET frame synchronization suitable for system evaluation,Burst data measurement effective for loop-back test,Auto search function which adjusts the most appropriate timing and voltage,FD drive for storing measurement results and setup data.

[D3286 Specification]
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Advantest R3765CG
Category: Network Analyzer 300KHz to 8 GHz S-parameter

The Advantest R3765CG is Netwrok Analyzer .100dB Dynamic Range Mesaurement ; Three Models Acailable For All Types Of Application; High Sweep Speed;4-channel, 8-trace High-performance Display.

[R3765CG Specification]
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Advantest Q8384
Category: Optical Spectrum Analyzer 600 nm to 1700 nm

The Advantest Q8384 High-Resolution Benchtop Optical Spectrum Analyzer.For analysis of DWDM Optical Components and Systems; Passive Component & Filter Analysis; Opt. Amplifier Analysis; Pass/Fail Analysis; Pulse Light ;Measurement; DWDM Analysis for 256 channels ; OSNR Measurement ; Power Level Measurement Accuracy: 0.4 dB (1550nm) ; .

[Q8384 Specification]
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Advantest R3131A
Category: Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz to 3 GHz

The Advantest R3131A Spectrum Analyzer .Resolution Bandwidth 300 Hz to 1 MHz; Max. input leve +20dBm ; Sweep time 50 ms to 500 sec; 120 kHz, 9 kHz bandwidth EMI filter; Antenna correction table for field strength measurement; Screen capture saved in BMP format .

[R3131A Specification]
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