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    Advantest - R3765CH
    Network Analyzer (40MHz ~ 3.8GHz)

    Technical Specifications
     Electronic Test Instrument Information: Advantest R3765CH
    Manufacturer: Advantest Advantest R3765CH
    Category: Network Analyzer
    Rent & Sales: Complete Stock Available
    Download : Advantest R3765CH Technical Specification

    Description of Advantest R3765CH

         The Advantest R3765CH network analyzer measures the complex transmission and reflection characteristics of two-port devices in the frequency domain. It does this by sampling the incident signal, separating the transmitted and reflected waves, and then performing ratios that are directly related to the reflection and transmission coefficients of the two-port. Frequency is swept to rapidly obtain amplitude and phase information over a band of frequencies of interest. Advantest R3765CH network analyzers utilize synthesized-frequency sources to provide a known test stimulus that can sweep across a range of frequencies or power levels.

    Feature of Advantest R3765CH
  • S-parameter test set
  • 4-chan/8-trace
  • Disp clr (256 clr)
  • Hi-swp: 0.15ms/pt
  • BASIC prog mem (1MB)
  • Save reg cap (2MB)
  • Faster BASIC proc spd
  • Limit lines
  • CDMA IF filter anal func
  • Wide Dynamic Range: 100dB
  • Output Accuracy : 0.5dB
  • Specification Of Advantest R3765CH

  • 40 MHz to 3.8 GHz
  • Built in S-Parameter Test Set
  • 4 channels, 8 traces
  • 7.8 inch TFT Color LCD
  • GPIB interface plus internal basic controller
  • No printer connection possible!

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    R3765CH Advantest Network Analyzer (40MkHz ~ 3.8GHz) Price for R3765CH

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